Xu Yuan Palace is under the direct management of Beijing Guangming Hotel, providing Chinese cuisine and Japanese BBQ and Teppanyaki.

In this Shangdong style Chinese cuisine, our first class chefs with experiences acting as the chief chef in state guesthouses offer a great variety of Chinese dishes from traditional Peking Duck to modern seafood dishes using high quality ingredients such as abalone or shark fin. We have four private dining rooms for meetings and receptions. The main hall has a seating capacity of 100 persons.

We also offer pure Japanese-style BBQ (called “Yakiniku”) and Teppanyaki. We use “Marusan” first-class black cattle beef characterized by its marbling that enhances smoothness and juiciness. In addition, for seasoning, sauce, and even grilling technique, we adhere to the pure Japanese style. There are three private rooms suitable for meetings and receptions. The main hall has a seating capacity of 70 persons. There are two private rooms for exclusive use of Teppanyaki.

The coffee shop mainly offers Western cuisine, used for the breakfast buffet for the hotel guests in the morning. The main hall is available for up to 120 persons to hold a buffet-type party.

For reservations and/or inquiries, please call 8441-8080 (F&B Office) or 8441-8076 (Xu Yuan Palace)

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